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$28,000 in pot seized in Moorhead drug bust

Moorhead police say four men face charges in connection with the seizure of about 3 1/2 pounds of high-grade marijuana on Tuesday.

The bust came on April 20, considered an unofficial "weed day" among pot smokers, Lt. Tory Jacobson said in a news release.

Michael Dean Anderson, 25, Chase Andrews Switters, 22, Devlin Ross Cummings Pas, 24, and Andrew Christopher Riedel, 23, all of Moorhead, are suspects in a case that could bring charges of drug paraphernalia and marijuana possession, police said in the release.

Cummings Pas said he was cited for possessing marijuana and paraphernalia. He also said he wasn't home at the time of the raid and was already planning to move out.

In addition to the charges for possession and paraphernalia, Anderson may face a felony count of fourth-degree intent to distribute within a school zone, police said in the release.

Moorhead police executed a search warrant on Tuesday at 429 Oakway with officers from Clay County, Fargo and the Drug Enforcement Administration, police said.

Jacobson said about 3.58 pounds of pot worth about $28,000 if sold on the street was seized from the home just southeast of the city's high school. More than $3,000 in cash was also taken from the residence.