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Akeley man sought by authorities afer Friday shooting incident

A Hubbard County man at the center of a rural shooting incident Friday remains at large and is being sought by authorities.

Assault charges are pending against Joshua Herdina, 35.

The incident began around 2:20 p.m,. Friday when a man reported he'd been shot at numerous times entering the Herdina residence east of Akeley.

According to the Hubbard County Sheriff's Department, Herdina was yelling, "get off my property," shooting a gun twice.

The victim reported Herdina pulled a handgun at him and as the victim backed out of the driveway, he allegedly saw Herdina pull a pistol and fire off six more rounds. One shot went through the windshield and lodged in the dashboard.

By Friday evening the Hubbard/Wadena County Emergency Response Unitexcuted a search of the Herdina property, seizing evidence, but not the suspect.

Anyone with information about Herdina is asked to call the Hubbard County Sheriff's Department at 732-3331.