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Fargo police: Woman arrested after repeatedly faking unconsciousness

After police say she faked being unconscious, a ruse she's suspected of doing for the ninth time this month, a 61-year-old woman was arrested Monday on suspicion of disorderly conduct.

Of the eight prior times the woman, Darlyne Joyce Eyestone of 711 S. University Drive, has apparently pretended to be passed out, she's ended up being taken to the hospital four times, said Sgt. Mark Lykken.

Monday was the first time Eyestone was arrested for allegedly crying wolf.

"It's tantamount to calling out fire in a crowded theater," Lykken said.

Police received two calls shortly after 5 p.m. about Eyestone being passed at Fourth Avenue North and Forth Street North. A witness told a dispatcher that the woman's eyes flickered, but she didn't respond.

Medical personnel found nothing wrong with her and told police on the scene that Eyestone had done the same act eight prior times since June 1, Lykken said.

"I don't know what her motive was," he said.

Eyestone was taken to the Cass County Jail, police said.