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Bartender bitten while escorting unruly patron out of Fargo bar

FARGO - An unruly bar patron allegedly jumped on a bartender's back and then bit him as the patron was being escorted out of the bar early today.

According to the Fargo Police Sgt. Mark Lykken, the intoxicated 22-year-old patron was causing a commotion, trying to get other patrons to play pool, when a bartender decided he was bothering customers and began to escort him out of the Penalty Box.

The bartenders told police they were able to get the suspect to leave by escorting him outside, where the suspect caused a disturbance by throwing patio items, Lykken said.

The suspect re-entered the bar a short time later and jumped on the bartender's back. A bar patron attempted to help the bartender. As they escorted the suspect again from the bar, the suspect allegedly bit the bartender in the left arm, Lykken said.

The police report has been sent to the Cass County State's Attorney for consideration of Class A misdemeanor assault charges against the suspect.

The victim sought treatment for the bite on his own, Lykken said.

The incident was reported at 1:06 a.m.