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Roseau man sentenced for embezzling from dealership

A Roseau, Minn., man accused of stealing more than $72,000 from a car dealership was sentenced to 60 days in jail and 20 years of supervised probation.

Jeffery Rigstad, 57, pleaded guilty to a count of theft by swindle, and four other similar charges were dismissed.

If Rigstad stays out of trouble while on probation, he'll avoid a 21-month prison sentence, the Roseau County clerk of court's office said.

In December 2008, Lee Sorenson, the owner of the Roseau dealership, reported that Rigstad, an employee for 23 years, had been embezzling money from the business. Rigstad was promptly fired, Sorenson told the Herald.

Sorenson said the financial hit forced him to layoff 17 full-time employees and to switch his inventory from new cars to used cars.

A hearing to determine how much restitution Rigstad must pay has not been set.