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DL man appears for DWI, fleeing officer

A Detroit Lakes man made his first appearance Monday in Becker County District Court on a felony charge of fleeing a peace officer.

Jonathan Jesse Ortiz, 27, of 22295 Pearl Lake Road, Detroit Lakes, also faces related misdemeanor charges of fourth degree driving while intoxicated (two counts), driving after suspension and open bottle-possession in connection with the Aug. 28 incident in Detroit Lakes.

According to the complaint, a Becker County sheriff's deputy tried to pull over Ortiz's vehicle on Highway 10 near Corbett Road in Detroit Lakes, at around 3:25 a.m. on Saturday. Instead of stopping, Ortiz's vehicle began to accelerate, and he turned abruptly onto Corbett Road, where he engaged in a high speed chase that at times exceeded 60-70 miles per hour in the residential neighborhood.

After a lengthy chase, Ortiz abruptly stopped the vehicle in the middle of the road, nearly causing the patrol car to rear-end his vehicle (the two cars did make contact). Ortiz then exited the vehicle and moved toward the officer even after being asked multiple times to stop and put his hands over his head.

The deputy then deployed his tazer against Ortiz, who turned around and started to walk away before collapsing on the ground.

Other officers were called to assist in the arrest, and Ortiz was discovered to have a strong alcohol odor, bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. He later submitted to a breath test at the jail, which showed his alcohol level to be at .16.

Ortiz has been convicted of speeding multiple times since 2002 (including three tickets in 2009), and his license had been suspended. He also had an underage drinking and driving conviction from 2002.

Ortiz has been released on $20,000 bail pending his next court appearance at a Sept. 20 Rule 8 hearing.