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Life goes on a year after hit-and-run

Bohmer after the accident in 2010. Forum file photo

One year after a hit-and-run driver struck Justin Bohmer and left him bleeding in a Fargo street, the 26-year-old said Wednesday that his life is basically back to normal.

While the Army veteran still hopes the culprit gets caught, he said, "I guess it doesn't really make too much difference anymore."

The hit-and-run case is now in the Fargo Police Department's "inactive" file, as police have exhausted all leads, Sgt. Mark Lykken said. The last tip was received Jan. 15, 2010, two days after the incident.

Police investigated a lead about a car but concluded it wasn't the vehicle involved in the hit-and-run, Lykken said. No one witnessed the incident, so police have no description of the vehicle, he said.

Bohmer doesn't remember the car hitting him. He was walking from downtown Fargo when the car hit him in the 1200 block of Eighth Street South, about a block from his home. A passer-by reported finding him about 4:43 a.m., bleeding from a cut to his head.

Bohmer stopped wearing a back brace last summer after the three broken vertebrae in his back healed. His right arm is held together with a metal plate and rods.

"I can't quite get it all the way straight, but it's pretty much back to normal," he said. "But I still don't have full power."

Bohmer, who now works at Orange Records in downtown Fargo, said he doesn't think a lot about the hit-and-run. A reward of more than $7,000 is still being offered for information leading to the driver's arrest and conviction.

Now that so much time has passed, Bohmer said the driver will probably be caught only if he or she talks about the incident and someone reports it.

"I guess you never know," he said.