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Man gets prison for burglarizing house

A Minneapolis man was sentenced last week in Becker County District Court on a felony charge of second-degree burglary of a dwelling.

Former Mahnomen resident Michael George Dumont-Newago, 33, of 4367 Webber Parkway, Minneapolis, was ordered to serve 48 months (four years) in prison and pay $376.69 in fines and restitution.

Additional felony counts including first-degree burglary-dangerous weapon, motor vehicle theft and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, as well as a gross misdemeanor count of giving false information to an officer, were dismissed at sentencing.

Dumont-Newago, along with two female accomplices, was accused of breaking into a residence on County Road 18 near Ogema on Feb. 23.

He was the driver of a vehicle that was reported stolen on the day the break-in occurred. The vehicle had been flagged as belonging to a man named "Mike" who had tried to sell guns and other items in the White Earth Village area that day. The vehicle was later spotted southbound on County Road 21, swerving into an oncoming lane of traffic while executing a turn.

When the vehicle was pulled over for a traffic stop, Dumont-Newago identified himself as Dallas Kelly Jensen, which the officer knew to be false. Both Maxine Helen Nicol, 65, and Ashley Ann Weaver, 27, were passengers in the vehicle at the time of the traffic stop.

As the three were being booked at the jail, a glass shard was found in Dumont-Newago's jacket pocket that was later discovered to be similar to shards found at the scene of the burglary, where a front door window had been broken to gain access.

After the owner of the stolen vehicle gave his consent to a search of its contents, two long guns and a compound bow with a quiver of arrows were discovered as well as a DVD/VCR player and a black garbage bag containing numerous clothing items, a pair of gloves and a hatchet.