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Fargo Sunmart shooting victim to be married Sunday

After doctors finish lacing up the stitches on a bullet wound suffered by a grocery store employee here in a Sunday shooting, another more joyous knot will be tied. A wedding knot.

Joshua Kleckner, the victim of a late-night shooting at the 724 N. University Drive Sunmart, will be entering into surgery today after being shot in the forearm and neck.

On Sunday, he's planning to marry a woman he met while working at a different Sunmart, the father of the bride told The Forum on Tuesday evening.

"We are planning on going to the wedding on Sunday," said John Jourdan, father of the bride, Megan. "Unless something unexpected would come up (today) during the surgery, it will be on."

Kleckner was shot twice during a struggle with an armed robber, who entered the store around closing time at 11 p.m. Sunday, police said. The suspect fled the store on foot.

Surgery will be done on Kleckner's arm, but the bullet in his neck will not be touched, Jourdan said.

"It settled in a bunch of muscle tissue, so that one they aren't going to do anything with," he said.

Jourdan hadn't spoken personally with his future son-in-law but said his daughter, who has been dating Kleckner for about four years, has been in constant contact.

"She said he's doing very well," Jourdan said.

Fargo police on Tuesday released surveillance photos and a description of the gunman, who is described as a white male, about 50 years old, with brown hair and scruffy facial hair with a little gray mixed in. The suspect's height is estimated to be 5 feet 10 inches and his weight to be 180-200 pounds. The man was dressed in blue jeans, a black T-shirt and a long black jacket that had a unique white collar and liner. He was also wearing a camouflage hat that had a short brim and flaps over the ears.

No customers were inside the store at the time, and another employee who was present wasn't injured, police said.

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