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Suspect accused of pressing shotgun to man's neck after argument at north Fargo bar

FARGO - A 19-year-old Fargo man is accused of pressing the barrel of a shotgun to the neck of another man after they had an argument in a Fargo bar overnight, police said.

Sgt. Jim Kringlie said the 24-year-old victim and his girlfriend told police that the suspect had been pestering the woman at Labby's Grill & Bar, 1100 19th Ave. N.

At about 2 p.m., which is closing time, the victim and the suspect struck up a conversation about hunting and the suspect asked the victim to come over to his pickup in the parking lot so he could show him something, Kringlie said.

The suspect then allegedly pulled a shotgun out of the pickup, racked it and pressed it against the victim's throat. The victim, who believed the gun was loaded, hit the suspect to get away and called 911, Kringlie said.

Police stopped the pickup as it was turning onto University Drive near McDonald's restaurant and arrested its driver without incident, Kringlie said. Two unloaded shotguns and some shotgun shells were seized from the pickup, he said.

Matthew Scott Anderson of Fargo was arrested on suspicion of terrorizing, DUI and minor consuming alcohol.

In addition to his North Dakota State University student ID, Anderson also had another person's ID, which police believe is how he got into the bar, Kringlie said.