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Minnesota nursing home worker fired, charged with assault

HIBBING, Minn. - An employee of Greenview North assisted-living center in Hibbing was fired and charged with fifth-degree assault after allegedly pushing a resident into a reclining chair.

The incident happened last March but was included in a Minnesota Department of Health listing published online last week. The health department is responsible for licensing and certification of all of the state's health facilities.

Vicky Korynta, senior vice president of operations for Fairview Range, said both the employee who pushed the client and a second employee who took no action while witnessing the incident were fired. Fairview Range operates Greenview North.

"We thought an employee's behavior was abusive toward one of our residents," Korynta said. "We've clearly made known that this sort of behavior won't be tolerated."

She declined to name the employees or the resident involved. The report says police investigated and filed the assault charge against the employee who allegedly pushed the resident. Korynta said she didn't know if that criminal charge had been resolved.