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Drug charge dismissed

A felony drug possession charge against a Waubun woman was dismissed recently in Becker County District Court.

The charge against Sara Ozetta Parisian, 27, of 3153 Snider Lake Road, Waubun, was dismissed Jan. 15, after results of drug testing from samples found at the crime scene showed that no controlled substances were present.

Parisian was a passenger inside a vehicle that was stopped for a traffic violation in Ogema on Oct. 27.

During the traffic stop, the officer noticed a couple of pill bottles on the seat and floor boards of the vehicle. Parisian allegedly showed multiple signs of impairment, including slurred speech and lack of coordination.

Also found in the glove box of the vehicle was a bottle containing a liquid that was suspected to be heroin, as well as a red pouch containing a syringe with a clear liquid inside. Parisian's arm also allegedly contained needle marks consistent with having undergone multiple intravenous injections.