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Alleged assault with broom handle, knife reported in Moorhead

MOORHEAD - A man is in custody here facing felony assault with a dangerous weapon charges after a domestic disturbance in which police say a knife and a broom handle were involved.

Police responded to a report of a fight shortly after 9 a.m. today at 1641 Belsly Boulevard, the home of Rajon Everae Plunkett, 26.

Plunkett had a minor cut on his finger from the knife and was treated at the scene, police say. A woman who lives there also had minor injuries, but did not need medical attention.

The fight between the two involved an aluminum broom handle and a knife, according to a news release from Lt. Tory Jacobson.

Plunkett was arrested and charged with domestic assault and assault with a dangerous weapon. He is being held in the Clay County jail.