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Polk County resident ripped off in bank fraud

A bank fraud scheme appears to have lifted several hundred dollars from the account of a Polk County resident, according to Mike Norland, an investigator with the sheriff's office.

The thief apparently used debit card information to take less than $1,000 from the account of the victim, who lives near Fosston, Minn., Norland said.

The victim made the complaint Monday.

Preliminary information makes it appear the theft was not done by anyone known to the victim, and did not involve the physical use of the victim's debit card, Norland said.

Frauds of this kind, which can be carried out long-distance, even from another country, have become more common, he said. "We have had frauds similar or the same to this in the past," he said, although nothing like it recently.

The sheriff's office has not released the name of the victim or the bank involved.

Norland said he wants to make the public more aware of the potential for bank frauds. He said people should guard their bank data and should check bank statements for unusual transactions.