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Frazee man in court for choking children

A Frazee man made his first appearance recently in Becker County District Court on two felony counts of domestic assault by strangulation.

Adam John Colgrove, 36, of 114 East Maple Ave., Frazee, is also facing three related misdemeanor counts of domestic assault in connection with the Feb. 2 incident in Frazee.

According to court records, one of Colgrove's young children contacted the Frazee Police Department that evening to report that the defendant was "being abusive" to her brother and sister.

Officers came to the home and had to break the door down to gain entry when the defendant allegedly refused to let them in. They found him at the top of a stairway in the house, sweating and breathing hard, with his three young children behind him looking "scared and excited," according to the complaint.

The defendant also allegedly did not surrender himself to the officers as ordered, and when one of them grabbed his arm, he reportedly pulled away and jumped over the railing of the stairway to the floor below, head first.

He reportedly had to be treated for a broken arm prior to being taken into custody. Colgrove was reportedly intoxicated when he came home that evening, and according to one child's account, he became upset with one of his daughters for failing to clean the house.

He then allegedly pulled the other daughter off her bed by her shirt before punching the wall and throwing a pillow at one of them. He also allegedly put his hands around the neck of one of the girls and tried to choke her, then went into his son's bedroom and allegedly tried to choke him as well. One of the girls reported hearing the boy call out, "my neck, my neck, Dad stop!"

There were red marks on both of the children consistent with being choked.

Colgrove has been released on $5,000 bond pending his next court appearance, at a March 11 omnibus hearing. He has been prohibited from having contact with his children except for visitations scheduled through Becker County Human Services. He also must abstain from the use of alcohol and drugs, except those prescribed by a doctor.