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Itasca County deputy accused of trying to record girl in shower

A 17-year Itasca County Sheriff’s deputy was charged Wednesday — a day after he resigned — with a felony for allegedly attempting to videotape a teenage girl in a bathroom.

Aaron Edward Apitz, 45, Deer River, is charged with felony interference with privacy against a minor. The incident reportedly happened at Apitz’ residence.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension reported that its investigation found that on Feb. 25, Apitz used a cellular telephone issued to him by Itasca County to attempt to videotape a 17-year-old female as she entered and exited a shower. The telephone was discovered in the bathroom by the victim, who reported to investigators that it was recording when she found it, and that the video showed Apitz positioning the telephone to capture the video.

The victim told investigators she then took the telephone to a bedroom and was attempting to contact her mother and friends when she was confronted by Apitz, who demanded she return the telephone. The BCA obtained the telephone during the course of its investigation, but the telephone’s memory had been wiped clean.

BCA agents are conducting the investigation with the assistance of the Itasca County Sheriff’s Office. Itasca County Attorney Jack Muhar said the case will be prosecuted by the Cass County Attorney’s Office to avoid the appearance of any conflict of interest.

Apitz is not in custody. He had been on administrative leave since the investigation began. Itasca County Sheriff Vic Williams couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.