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Man sentenced for home burglary

A former Park Rapids man was sentenced Monday in Becker County District Court on a felony charge of second degree burglary.

Daniel Owen Garbow, 25, was ordered to serve 48 months (four years) in prison and pay $210 in court fines and fees, plus $1,360 in restitution. Two additional burglary counts were dismissed at sentencing.

Garbow’s sentence in Becker County will be served concurrently with one he is currently serving on a Hubbard County burglary charge.

Garbow was originally charged in connection with a string of three burglaries that occurred on Sugar Creek Road in rural Becker County between Dec. 28-31, 2011.

He and two other individuals were arrested in Hubbard County on Dec. 31 in connection with a series of break-ins near Park Rapids that began on Dec. 22 and continued until their arrest.

Garbow was the driver of a Grand Prix that was pulled over near the scene of a burglary that occurred around 4:30 a.m. on 219th Avenue near Park Rapids on Dec. 31.

The Hubbard County deputy checked on the driver’s license status of the vehicle’s occupants, and found all of them to be revoked. As he was preparing the citation, a Park Rapids police officer who had responded to the alarm call and scouted the area noticed that the tire tracks of the Grand Prix were similar to some that were found at the scene of the burglary.

Footprints found at the scene also matched those of at least two of the vehicle’s occupants. A subsequent search of the vehicle yielded an assortment of items including tools, bottles of alcohol and prescription drugs. Some of the contraband found matched the description of items that had been stolen in the Sugar Creek Road burglaries.

Photos taken of footprints found at the scene of the Becker County burglaries also matched those of the suspects in the Hubbard County burglaries, and the tire tracks  appeared to match those of the Grand Prix.