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Update: Detroit Lakes Walmart bomb threat was stolen items

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Shoppers at the Detroit Lakes Walmart got more than they bargained for Friday afternoon, when they were evacuated because of a bomb threat.

Police got the call 3:46 p.m. about a suspicious package in the store, but the Crow Wing County bomb squad determined that the package, which had been wrapped in a camoflauge jacket, was simply a bunch of items from the store.

"It looks like somebody tried to shoplift a bunch of things and tied it up in the jacket with zipties and then either planned on coming back for it or got spooked and just left," said Detroit Lakes Sergeant Robert Strand. Seven different law enforcement agenies responed to the threat, and customers shopping on Black Friday were kept out of Walmart for roughly five hours as the suspicious package remained in the lobby of the store and the parking lot blocked off.

"Unfortunately, the costs of this are being passed on consumers," said Strand, who says depite the money lost to Walmart, law enforcement officers have to error on the side of caution. "But in all my years, I've never quite seen anything like this before," he added.

Customers and employees are now back in the store.