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Ponsford man in court for aggravated robbery

A Ponsford man appeared Tuesday in Becker County District Court on a felony charge of first degree aggravated robbery.

Travis Jerome Norcross, 31, has been charged in connection with a Jan. 18 armed robbery at the Osage Liquor Store.

Though he is not the man suspected of coming into the liquor store and holding up the lone store employee at gunpoint, he is accused of being an accomplice in the robbery.

David Charles Adams has been charged with the actual robbery. According to the complaint, Adams allegedly told investigators that he and Norcross had planned the robbery together, and that Norcross had supplied him with the weapon. Cell phone records also show that two calls were placed from Norcoss’s cell at a location near the liquor store, around the time that the robbery occurred.

Norcross is currently in custody at the Becker County Jail awaiting his next court appearance, at a March 31 Rule 8 hearing. His bail was set at $100,000 with conditions, or $200,000 without conditions.