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Enhanced drunk driving enforcement for Minn. fishing opener

ST. PAUL – Drivers hitting the road for Minnesota’s fishing opener will be sharing it with a full force of law enforcement officers enforcing the state’s drunk driving laws, public safety officials said.

Minnesota Deputy Director of Public Safety Doug Neville said that law enforcement will be out in force Friday in the 25 counties with the highest number of drunk-driving deaths and injuries.

Over the past three years, Otter Tail County has come in eighth on that list, Stearns County has come in ninth, and Becker County is 21st.

Hennepin County has the most.

Neville sad the one-day enhanced enforcement effort is designed to keep Minnesotans safe as they head to the lake.

A driving while intoxicated offense in Minnesota can lose you your license for up to a year, plus thousands in costs and possible jail time.

Repeat offenders and first-timers found with a blood alcohol content that’s more than .16 must use ignition interlock or face at least a year without a license.

Drivers are asked to plan for a sober ride, offer to be a designated driver, buckle up, and report drunk driving.