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Ponsford woman jailed for assault

A Ponsford woman convicted of assaulting her mother with a knife was handed her sentence in Becker County Court.

Mallory Elizabeth Bellanger, 24, was sentenced to serve 180 days in jail, five years of supervised probation and to pay a $1,000 fine. According to the complaint, police were called to a residence on Shinab Trail in Becker County where Bellanger’s mother was found with bruises on her wrist and two cuts on her head that appeared to be knife slashes. Her mother also told police Bellanger threatened her with a hammer and that once Bellanger was locked out of the house, she took a shovel to her mother’s car and to the front door.

Bellanger admitted to assaulting her mother with the knife, but the second degree assault charge was dismissed, while she was convicted on the second charge of felony terroristic threats.