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Man in jail charged with making threats to harm those who put him in there

A Dalbo, Minn., man already incarcerated in the Becker County jail made his first court appearance for allegedly terrorizing people while in jail.

Casey Roland Jones, 51, was charged with four felonies of terroristic threats from incidents that happened in March.

Investigators found that Jones has made numerous statements that once he got out of jail, everybody involved in sending him there “would pay,” including his parole officer, his attorney, jail staff and the parole hearing officer.

Court reports showed Jones made statements that he was going to “slash their tires, burn their houses and there would be dead bodies everywhere.”

Jones allegedly stated he had access to grenades and guns so carrying out the threats would be no problem.

Authorities also say he wrote all over his cell walls messages like “I’ll be back” and “I will get mine.”

He faces five years in prison and a $10,000 fine for each charged of terroristic threats.