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Police are looking for man accused of attacking home health nurse

Local law enforcement agencies are now on the lookout for the White Earth man accused of randomly attacking a home health nurse while at her patient’s house at White Earth.

Guy Keezer Jr. was charged with felony assault when police say he grabbed the nurse, who he did not know, putting one arm around her neck and another around her face.

Keezer reportedly left after the nurse’s patient yelled at him to stop.

Although he was arrested for the incident that left the nurse bruised and shaken, he was released from the Becker County Jail because authorities say the arresting officer from White Earth did not file a detainer to hold him longer than 48 hours.

That technicality meant Keezer was free until his first court appearance Monday, which he failed to show up for.

A warrant has now been issued for his arrest; an official with the Becker County Sheriff’s Office says they, along with the White Earth Police Department, are now searching for him.