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Menahga man debates deputy during DWI arrest

WADENA - A deputy told a Menahga man he was under arrest for DWI. He said he wasn't. But he was.

According to Wadena County District Court records, Matthew Erin Peterson, 33, of Menahga, was pulled over July 4 and the deputy detected the smell of alcohol. When the deputy gave him a preliminary breath test, Peterson registered a .223, roughly three times the legal limit for driving.

The deputy then informed Peterson he was under arrest for DWI, to which he replied, "Um, the thing is, no I'm not," court records said. When the deputy tried to handcuff Peterson, he called the deputy a curse word, and said, "OK, [expletive], let's do it right here."

Peterson was eventually put in cuffs and later told the deputy, "I shouldn't be driving, no two ways about it," according to the court complaint.

Peterson has two prior DUI offenses and two underage drinking and driving convictions. He was charged with second degree DWI -- two or more aggravating factors, and second degree DWI -- refusal to submit to testing.