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Moorhead man accused of stealing car 'with extremely loud exhaust' in Detroit Lakes

Jason Everett Jensen, 23, of 810 Fourth Ave. S. No. 12, Moorhead has been charged in Becker County District Court with felony theft of a motor vehicle and felony fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle.

According to court records:

On July 4 a trooper allegedly saw a car exit the St. Mary's Innovis parking lot with "an extremely loud exhaust and (a) trunk (that) would occasionally pop open, exposing the contents."

The trooper activated his emergency lights and siren and the driver, allegedly Jensen, pulled into a private parking lot and proceeded to the rear of the lot. The trooper had to use his squad car bullhorn to direct the car to stop.

The driver had no license and said the car belonged to his friend 'Nate." After several field sobriety tests, in which he performed slowly, the driver fled on foot. The trooper chased him but couldn't catch him.

The next day, Nathan Knutson reported his car had been stolen after being parked on Summit Avenue with the keys left inside.

He provided a partial identification of Jensen and jail personnel provided a positive ID after viewing squad car video.

On July 21, District Judge Joe Evans issued a warrant for Jensen's arrest.