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Detroit Lakes teen gets 90 days for DLHS Drano bombs

Christopher Allen Breitzman, 18, of 30376 240th St., Detroit Lakes, was sentenced to 90 days in jail Monday on a felony charge related to two Drano bombs exploding at Detroit Lakes High School in February.

Becker County District Judge Joe Evans also stayed imposition of a for 10 years, with 10 years of supervised probation, ordered Breitzman to pay a $500 fine, plus other fees, prohibited him from property owned by Detroit Lakes Public Schools, and ordered a psychological evaluation.

Breitzman is eligible for work release and Sentenced to Serve work program. His fines can also be paid off through community service.

According to court records, the high school's liaison police officer heard two loud noises and investigated on the afternoon of Feb. 25.

The officer questioned Breitzman, who admitted to placing the homemade explosive made out of Drano and tin foil inside a garbage can on the upper level of the high school.

A juvenile student also admitted to placing a Drano bomb in a garbage can on the lower level and said that Breitzman gave him instructions on how to make the device.

Breitzman pleaded guilty Sept. 3 to one charge of possessing, manufacturing or transporting an incendiary or explosive device.