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Man pleads not guilty on charge of assaultiing pregnant woman in Grand Forks

GRAND FORKS -- Jason Lyons pleaded not guilty Tuesday in state district court in Grand Forks to charges he assaulted a pregnant woman and her mother in a domestic dispute in early December.

Lyons, who is 34 and from Minneapolis, sought a reduction in bail but remained in the Grand Forks County jail awaiting trial.

He's charged with simple assault, a misdemeanor, for allegedly hitting and kicking the stomach of a pregnant woman in a Grand Forks apartment. He's also charged with aggravated assault, a Class C felony, for allegedly attacking that woman's mother and knocking her unconscious.

Lyons also faces criminal mischief charges from a report alleging he caused more than $100 damage to a door in the same apartment in an earlier incident in November.

Lyons told the court his permanent address is in Minneapolis but he would live in Fargo if his bond was reduced enough so he could bail out of jail.

His total bond was reduced from $21,000 to $16,000 cash or surety, and he remained in the Grand Forks County jail Tuesday.