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Law enforcement arrest two during campaign

Detroit Lakes Police Officers and Becker County Deputies arrested two impaired drivers during the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) statewide December-long impaired driving enforcement campaign. Around 400 Minnesota law enforcement agencies participated in the effort.

A DWI can result in loss of license for at least 90 days and cost up to $20,000 when factoring in increased insurance costs, legal and other fees. There are more than one-half million Minnesotans with a DWI on record-translating to one in eight Minnesota drivers with a DWI. During 2006-2008 in Becker County, 1,227 were arrested for DWI.

During the campaign, 14 seat belt citations were issued. Each year around 75 percent of impaired drivers killed in crashes are also not belted. During 2006-2008 in Becker County, there were five alcohol related deaths of which four were unbelted. Statewide during this same period there were 394 alcohol-related deaths of which 256 were unbelted.

In the last three years on Minnesota roads, alcohol-related crashes account for 519 traffic deaths and 1,159 serious injuries. During this same period 116,515 motorists were arrested for DWI. In Becker County during 2006-2008, there were six impaired driving deaths, nine serious injuries and 326 DWIs. The local economic impact of alcohol-related fatalities was $7,040,000.