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Assault charge dismissed

A felony domestic assault charge has been dismissed against a White Earth man who recently was sentenced to prison on another charge.

John Charles Goodman III, 24, of 36950 County Road 21, White Earth had been charged in Becker County District Court with felony domestic assault.

According to court records, tribal police officers were dispatched to his residence in early January on the report of possible domestic assault. An officer found a 20-year-old woman there crying, with blood on her face. During an argument with Goodman over an EBT card, he allegedly hit her several times on the left side of her face and upper forehead area. She blocked other punches with her forearms. She tried to call her parents for help, but he allegedly took the phone away and hung up on her brother, who had answered it and could hear her calling for help. The couple lives together and has two children together.

Earlier this month Goodman was sentenced to 27 months in prison on a felony charge of making terroristic threats.

The domestic assault charge was dismissed Feb. 10 because a conviction would not appreciably increase the amount of time he would serve in prison.

All court files are commonly disposed of when a person is sent to prison to give them a clean start when they get out.