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Wadena man's disturbing text messages prove to be prelude to assault

A Wadena man is accused of sending lurid text messages to a woman as she was at the movies with another man, then punching the other man at the conclusion of the date.

Scott Bradley Berglund, 40, of Wadena, was charged Feb. 19 with felony violation of an order for protection, terroristic threats and fifth-degree assault.

According to court records, on Jan. 28, a woman who has an order for protection against Berglund reported he had sent her 31 text messages and called her 25 times that day. The messages ranged from innocuous -- "Please call tonight" and "Let me know how the movie was" -- to violent and sexual in nature -- "I feel rage filling inside me." and "You brought him to your place slutt [sic]." Many of the messages were far more graphic and obscene.

When the woman and the man she was on the date with got out of the car, Berglund allegedly punched the date in the head and threatened to kill him.

Berglund has previously been convicted of domestic violence in April 2001 and July 2003.