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Morphine possession charge is dismissed

A felony charge of fifth-degree controlled substance crime, possession, has been dismissed in Becker County District Court against Ernest Duane Clark Jr., 18, of Box 133, 204 Main St., Callaway.

According to court records, on Dec. 13 about 7:30 a.m. a deputy saw a vehicle pull into a business parking lot off Highway 10 and park sideways.

The deputy eventually made contact and the driver said he was looking for friends who had run out of gas.

The deputy helped him look, and they located a green Pontiac Grand Prix in the parking lot of a former bar at Highway 10 and 290th Avenue.

Three people were waiting there. Clark was the driver, and allegedly gave false information to the deputy, because he had been drinking.

His blood alcohol level allegedly tested at .10 percent, and a pat-down search by the deputy allegedly revealed a metal box in Clark's pocket that contained morphine pills and other pills.

On Feb. 11 the charge was dismissed by the Becker County Attorney's Office, after a motion was filed by defense attorney Nancy Bowman.

The county attorney's office agreed that the evidence would reasonably be suppressed by a judge, and so probable cause did not exist for the criminal charge against Clark.