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N.D. woman's alleged credit fraud creates $42,000 bill for boyfriend

A Grafton, N.D., woman is accused of running up a $42,000 bill on her boyfriend's credit cards and other cards she got using his personal information.

According to a criminal complaint, Angie Gunderson made more than $15,124 in purchases on her boyfriend's Discover and Sam's Club cards and spent another $27,232 using four credit card accounts she opened with his information. The alleged crimes occurred between March 2006 and March 2010.

Walsh County State's Attorney Barbara Whelan said Gunderson's boyfriend, Mark Burns, filed a complaint with Grafton police, which led to an investigation. Whelan would not say what Gunderson bought, but said she seems to have a "shopping problem." Whelan said she will ask a judge to require Gunderson to pay the debt.

Gunderson's attorney, Alexander Reichert, said his client is innocent and will fight the charges. Reichert said Gunderson had permission to use the cards.

"His going to the police appears to be motivated by a bad breakup," Reichert said, adding that the couple's split happened about a year ago.

Noting that the allegations date back to 2006, Reichert said, "It would be a little hard to imagine that he didn't know what was on his credit card for four years."

Gunderson, 33, is charged with two counts of felony theft and four counts of unauthorized used of personal identifying information. If convicted on all charges, she would face a maximum of 55 years in prison.

Gunderson was arrested Wednesday and let out of jail Thursday after promising to pay $15,000 if she violates the conditions of her release.

Burns, 46, declined to discuss the case.