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Former Bison football player arrested at game

A former North Dakota State football player accused of being part of a 12-person theft ring from Best Buy was arrested Tuesday night on an outstanding warrant while he attended a Bison baseball game.

Garrett Johnson, 21, is one of two NDSU football players kicked off the team last week after charges were filed.

The other player, Gregory Reid Jr., appeared in court Tuesday, along with three of the other defendants accused in the thefts.

Police arrived at Newman Outdoor Field in Fargo on Tuesday night after receiving several calls that Johnson was at the game, Sgt. Carlos Nestler said. Officers felt there were few enough people in attendance to safely make the arrest.

Johnson was cooperative with arresting officers, Nestler said.

Defendants in the case who have contacted authorities and set court dates did not have warrants issued for their arrests, said Tracy Peters, assistant Cass County state's attorney.

Johnson and Jeffrey Ingersol were the only defendants with active warrants. Police had not arrested Ingersol as of Tuesday night.

Johnson is set to appear in court today to have bond set by a judge.