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Moorhead search warrant leads to cache of prescription pills, cash

MOORHEAD - Police officers found more than 4,400 prescription pills during a search of a Moorhead home Wednesday, leading to the arrest of two people.

Damion Paul Proffit, 19, and Jasmine Joy Bentley, 18, were arrested on suspicion of first-degree possession of a controlled substance and possession of stolen property, according to a news release issued by the Clay County Sheriff's Office.

Law enforcement from Barnesville, Moorhead and Clay and Becker counties completed a search warrant at 1310 28th Ave. S., #201, in Moorhead on Wednesday.

The search turned up approximately 4,471 prescription pills, estimated to be worth about $63,000 in street value, and $6,604 in cash.A subsequent investigation turned about another $1,500, according to the news release.