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Crime report


The following items were taken from reports at the Detroit Lakes Police Department and Becker County Sheriff's Department:

Friday, April 30

-At 8:49 a.m. a Grafton man reported the theft of a 2004 Arctic Cat ATV from a residence on the 37000 block of Tulaby Lake Drive in Eagleview Township.

-At 10:24 a.m. gang graffiti was reported spray-painted on garages and vehicles on the 200 and 300 blocks of Oak Street in Detroit Lakes.

-At 10:57 p.m. a Detroit Lakes woman reported harassing phone calls from people claiming to be private investigators for a payday loan company. She was advised it was a scam and to notify police when they called again.

-At 12:31 p.m. tribal police officers were summoned to the Circle of Life School because a student had brought a small knife to school.

-At 12:42 p.m. a man on the 300 block of Sherman Avenue reported late-night gang graffiti had been spray-painted on the hood of his 1994 Chevy pickup truck.

-At 2:16 p.m. a Detroit Lakes woman reported a foreign-sounding man kept calling her demanding money. It was passed on to an agent with MNScams, run by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

-At 3:31 p.m. tribal police investigated a one-vehicle accident on the road to the Elbow Lake Store in North Round Lake Township. The vehicle had hit a tree. Its tires were flat and the steering column had been chipped. It looked like there may have been injuries, but the vehicle was abandoned.

-At 7:54 p.m. a two-car fender-bender caused a minor fuel leak at Holiday gas station after one of the car doors hit a gas pump.

-At 7:55 p.m. a Detroit Lakes woman reported a burglary and the theft of jewelry from a residence on the 14000 block of East Pearl Lake Road.

-At 10:54 p.m. police responded to Zorbaz after someone filed a noise complaint. Officers found the music was "very loud" and warned the manager "that this was strike 2 and after strike 3 (they) will start issuing citations" for violating the city's noise ordinance.

Saturday, May 1

-At 12:46 a.m. a woman complained that another woman at the Northside bar had assaulted her. Officers found that the complainant had started the fight with a 26-year-old woman and the intended victim had "finished it." The complainant was taken to the emergency room with a possible broken nose.

-At 2:59 a.m. an Ogema woman reported a rollover on 390th Street east of Highway 59. The vehicle had been abandoned.

-At 11:28 a Frazee man reported a residential burglary on the 500 block of Balsam Avenue.

Sunday, May 2

-At 3:56 p.m. St. Joseph's hospital in Park Rapids reported treating a patient from an ATV accident in Pine Point.

Monday. May 3

-At 5:12 p.m. a Ponsford man reported a garage break-in and the theft of two ATVs in the Shell Lake area.

Wednesday, May 5

-At 3:44 p.m. a Wahpeton woman reported a possible sexual assault in the Wymer lake area near Frazee.

-At 3:54 p.m. a Mahube bus was rear-ended on County Road 54. There was no report on injuries, but a St. Mary's EMS crew was on the scene for about 35 minutes.

-At 11:51 p.m. a Ponsford resident reported four shots had been fired on the 28000 block of County Road 129 by someone in a loud, smaller car. Police were unable to locate the vehicle.

Thursday, May 6

-At 12:26 p.m. an Ogema man reported attempted arson at a church in White Earth.

Friday, May 7

-At 9:35 a.m. a domestic assault complaint on the 17000 block of 350th Avenue resulted in the arrest of a man.