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Wadena courthouse confrontation led to fresh charges

A Wadena man faces another felony charge and an additional gross misdemeanor charge for confronting a woman outside the Wadena County Courthouse who has an order for protection against him.

Scott Bradley Berglund, 40, was charged May 19 with violation of an order for protection and violation of a domestic abuse no contact order. According to court documents, Berglund saw the woman and a man who is a mutual friend of both on a bench outside the courthouse on April 27 when he was being sentenced in a case in which the woman was a victim. Berglund allegedly asked the woman if she had court too, or if she was there for his hearing, but she didn't respond. Three court cases prohibit Berglund from having contact with the woman, including one order for protection and two domestic abuse no contact orders. Also, specific conditions of his release forbid contact with the woman. Berglund also had another case which prohibited him from having any contact with the man.

Berglund denied talking to the woman, and said he only asked the man "how it was going," according to court documents. Berglund has two prior domestic violence related convictions in April 2001 and July 2003, and has felony domestic violence cases pending in Wadena County District Court.

His first court appearance was set for June 7 on the new charges.