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Man sentenced for burglary

Steven Anthony McDonough, 20, of Prairie Wind Apartments No. 105, Detroit Lakes has been sentenced in Becker County District Court for felony second-degree burglary of a dwelling.

Two other felony burglary charges were dropped in a plea agreement.

According to court records, on Feb. 25 deputies responded to a burglary on the 20000 block of Oakland Beach Road in Detroit Lakes. Taken were a laptop computer, $300 cash, and a loaded 9 mm Smith & Wessen handgun, along with two clips and a box of ammunition.

McDonough admitted to doing the burglary along with another young man.

He appeared June 14 before District Judge Peter Irvine, who stayed imposition of sentence for 10 years and placed him on supervised probation.

A successful completion of probation will result in a misdemeanor conviction.

He must serve 180 days in jail, with release privileges for school and work. He must pay a $1,000 fine and $640 in restitution, along with court fees for a total of $1,730.