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Warrants issued for arrest of BC teens

Warrants have been issued for the arrest of two

Becker County teenagers in connection with four separate burglaries reported on Sept. 22, 2011 -- all of them occurring in Becker County.

A third Detroit Lakes juvenile charged in connection with the same break-ins appeared in Becker County District Court Wednesday.

Zachary Dean Leitheiser, 19, of 27960 Little Floyd Lake Road; Jeremy Michael Sannes-Venhuizen, 18, of 35250 Camp Cherith Road, Frazee; and Brandon Ray Nelson, 16, have all been charged with four felony counts of first degree burglary-dangerous weapon and one gross misdemeanor count of third degree criminal property damage in connection with the break-ins.

Nelson was placed on house arrest at his mother's residence following his Wednesday court appearance; he is next scheduled to appear in court Feb. 21, in front of District Court Judge Joseph Evans. Warrants were filed for both Leitheiser and Venhuizen on Monday.

The charges stem from a Sept. 22 incident in which Foltz Trucking, Detroit Lakes, reported that several fire extinguishers had been discharged in the parking lot of its business. The extinguishers had been removed from Foltz's trucks without permission. About $806 in damage was caused; the incidents reportedly occurred between 6 p.m. on Sept. 21 and 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 22, when the break-in was reported.

A second call came in at around 10 a.m.; an ATV was found parked behind some semi trailers at Foltz Trucking. The ATV had been reported stolen from a residence on Sugar Creek Road in Ogema. Several broken windows were discovered at that residence, and a 30/30 caliber rifle and ammunition were reported stolen.

The owners of two more homes in the same area subsequently reported break-ins. At one of the residences, entry was gained by breaking down a door; a fire extinguisher was discharged inside the residence, and two rifles were reported stolen. A bullet hole was also found in the south window of the garage. This incident also occurred on Sept. 22.

On Sept. 23, another home was broken into by kicking in a door. Footprints were found and photographed at the scenes of all four break-ins.

Subsequent investigation led to the arrest of the three youths in connection with the burglaries; footprints found at the scene matched shoes found in one of the young men's possession.

In an unrelated incident, Venhuizen was also charged in connection with an Oct. 1 burglary at Country Fields Greenhouse near Detroit Lakes.

A gate had been forced open, apparently by a motor vehicle, and a pickup was found nearby. The vehicle had been reported stolen from a nearby residence, and shoeprints were found leading from the vehicle into the greenhouse. Another pickup was stolen from the greenhouse, and later found outside a residence on Little Floyd Lake Road.

Venhuizen, who is currently in custody at a juvenile detention center, has been charged with two felony counts of motor vehicle theft and a felony charge of third degree burglary in connection with that incident.