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Two arrested after drugs found in car

Two people were arrested and charged with drug possession in Becker County District Court after a Friday incident in the city of Callaway.

According to the complaint, a vehicle was stopped for speeding that evening. The driver, identified as Lucas Lee Harrison, 20, of P.O. Box 23, Gully, Minn., appeared to be fidgeting and repeating himself, continually asking what county and town he was in. When asked if he was all right, Harrison allegedly said he was "just thirsty."

The officer spotted a glass pipe in clear view, sitting on the console between the driver's and passenger's seats in the front of the vehicle. When asked about the pipe, a passenger in the vehicle identified as Nicole Marie Fanaselle, 18, of 1220 Madison Ave., Detroit Lakes, denied its existence despite the fact that it was clearly visible.

A subsequent search of the vehicle revealed that there was a plastic baggie sitting next to the pipe containing a white powder substance that was later identified as containing methamphetamine.

After being arrested and taken to the Becker County Law Enforcement Center, Harrison allegedly refused to supply a urine sample for testing, and has been charged with two additional misdemeanor counts of refusal to submit to testing and driving while intoxicated.

Harrison is currently in custody at the Becker County Jail pending his next court appearance, at an Oct. 29 omnibus hearing. His bail was set at $2,000 with conditions, or $10,000 without conditions.

Fanaselle was released on her own recognizance, with conditions, pending her next court appearance at a Nov. 19 omnibus hearing.