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Alonna Norberg describes 'true horror' in sexual assault case against husband

Cass County State's Attorney's Reid Brady, left, and Gary Euren, right, consults with Alonna Norberg during the Jon Norberg trail on Friday at the Cass County District Courthouse in Fargo. Carrie Snyder / The Forum

FARGO - "It was true horror."

That is how Alonna Norberg described for jurors the image she awoke to one night in June 2011.

She said she found her husband, Jon, engaged in oral sex with her and she couldn't breathe.

"I felt like I was choking and it was like I was suffocating," Norberg said, adding that moments later she blacked out.

Norberg testified it wasn't the first time she woke up to find her husband having sex with her, but she said a previous experience seemed so strange and unreal that she wasn't sure if she dreamed it or not.

This time, she said, it was different.

In the morning she found a syringe on the floor and a bottle of propofol, a powerful sedative, on a bedside table in the home she shared with her husband, a Fargo physician.

She said she was frightened and confused, but nonetheless collected what evidence she could.

And while her husband slept, Norberg said she made a video record of the scene, daring to turn on a light to make sure she captured the propofol bottle on the table.

Under questioning from prosecutors, Norberg said she did not give her husband permission to give her propofol that night, nor did she consent to having sex while under its influence, key issues in the state's case against Jon Norberg, who is charged in Cass County District Court with gross sexual imposition, a Class AA felony punishable by up to life in prison.

He is also charged with reckless endangerment, which carries a potential sentence of up to five years.

The defense has argued that Alonna Norberg, who is also a physician, made up allegations against her husband because she wanted custody of their children as part of a divorce and that she knew she wouldn't be given that because of dependency on prescription drugs and other issues.