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Robbery reported at Alexandria car wash

A robbery was reported at Mike's Car Wash in Alexandria Thursday night.

A night attendant who had closed the business at about 9 p.m. was walking to his vehicle when he was assaulted by a male suspect wearing a white jacket, black pants and a ski mask, according to the Alexandria Police Department.

The employee was thrown to the ground and the suspect stole a bank deposit bag.

The suspect fled on foot toward the alley behind the car wash at 1223 Broadway.

Police tracked footprints for several blocks and eventually the tracks ended. Investigators suspect the person got into a vehicle several blocks away.

The attendant suffered no serious injuries, according to police.

No weapons were used in the robbery.

An unknown amount of cash and checks were taken in the theft.

If you were a customer of Mike's Car Wash on December 20 and wrote a check, police encourage you to contact your bank and stop payment on that check.

The case is still under investigation by the Alexandria Police Department.

Anyone with information that will help solve the case is urged to contact the police department at (320) 763-6631.