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Park Rapids man charged with burglary, having tools

A Park Rapids man has been charged in Becker County District Court with two felony counts of second-degree burglary-dwelling and second-degree burglary-possession of tools.

Michael Nicholas Thelen Jr., 39, of 37075 County Road 127, Park Rapids, is accused of breaking into a Becker County residence on Nov. 23 and stealing a Bushnell HD trail camera.

According to court records, a second trail camera placed outside the residence captured a person, who was later identified as Thelen, approaching the residence with what appeared to be a crowbar.

After trying to pry open the north door, the person was seen going around to the west side of the building, where evidence pointed to a window being pried open to gain entry. The camera later captured the person leaving the residence with what appeared to be a camera.

The owner reported that the trail camera was taken from the fireplace mantel, and a large, flat screen TV had also been removed from its wall mount and left leaning against a cabinet, with a cracked screen (the TV had been undamaged prior to the break-in, the owner stated).

Thelen has been released on $20,000 bond pending his next court appearance, at a Jan .7 omnibus hearing.