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Probation done, drug charge dismissed

In Becker County District Court Wednesday, a felony drug charge was dismissed against a man caught with less than half a pound of marijuana in 2007.

Tyler James McClure, 27, of 30387 Highway 10, Wadena, was charged with felony fifth-degree controlled substance crime, possession.

He was arrested April 5, 2007, in Detroit Lakes after officers acting on a tip from a confidential reliable informant pulled over his 1955 Chevrolet Blazer and found a baggie with 184 grams of marijuana in the center console. (There are 454 grams in a pound).

McClure agreed to the search. There was a passenger in his car, but McClure admitted the marijuana was his.

On Wednesday, the court determined that he had successfully completed probation and the charge was dismissed without adjudication of guilt.