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Argentinian missionary to speak at Strawberry Lake

Tammy and Delmar Yoder (couple at left) of Strawberry Lake Mennonite Church shared a light-hearted moment with Sergio Flores and his wife Mabel in Argentina. SUBMITTED PHOTO

A local congregation has formed bonds with a church community over five thousand miles away.

The Strawberry Lake Mennonite Church has partnered with an alliance of congregations in Argentina as part of the North Central Conference, or NCC, a group of a dozen churches which stretch from Montana to Wisconsin.

“There’s a connection between the United States and Argentina in that way,” said Pat Swiers, a member of the local Strawberry Lake congregation.

The churches of the NCC promote missions in Argentina, and this weekend, a representative, Sergio Flores, will be speaking as part of the “PROMINOA” program.

Argentinean Pastor Nacho Soto established PROMINOA, or Missionary Program to Northern Argentina, with a vision of church planting.

The NCC formally partnered with PROMINOA in 2009, and according to Swiers, the mission remains “proclaiming the gospel to every person, preparing workers to go (with training) and economic support of pastors.”

PROMINOA is supported by “CCIMA,” or the Intensive Argentina Missionary Training Center, which ensures individuals are adequately prepared to spread their message abroad.

Though Soto recently passed away, his friend, Flores, has taken up his mission.

“In PROMINOA we continue working in the vision that began, and will only end with the coming of Christ the Lord,” Flores said.

Flores and his wife, Mabel, have made the exchange themselves and are visiting Minnesota as an extension of the missionary program.

“We really feel privileged to have him here,” Swiers said.

While in the United States, in addition to spreading the mission of PROMINOA and serving as an ambassador for the congregations in Argentina, Flores is also lending a hand in farming Minnesota soil, and according to Swiers is “enjoying every minute of it … You can’t help but be around them and feel their joy,” Swiers said of the Flores couple.

Flores will be speaking at Strawberry Lake Mennonite Church on the evenings of June 28 and 29 at 7:30 p.m.

On Sunday, June 30 at 10:30 a.m., he will speak at Lake Region Mennonite Church on Highway 34. The congregations welcome members of the community to join in the services, as Flores shares his message and strengthens the bond between the local community and the connections in Argentina.

Article written by Libby Larson of Detroit Lakes Newspapers