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DL Schools now has video wrapup

Detroit Lakes school leaders are reaching out to the community via You Tube.

In an attempt to build better communication and understanding between the district, the school board and the residents they serve, Superintendent Doug Froke has begun filming a school board wrap up video following every monthly meeting.

The synopsis of the meeting and its issues are then uploaded to YouTube and also embedded onto the school district’s website.

“It’s designed to let the public know what the board is doing and what we’re talking about,” said Froke, who says not everybody has the time to invest in what can sometimes be lengthy board meetings.

“The first video did end up being around nine minutes, but for the most part they’ll all be around five minutes long,” said Froke, who says school leaders want to meet people where they are most comfortable.

“And for many now, that’s at their computers or mobile devices,” said Froke, adding that there is so much technology out there, so “why not use it?”

Froke says he hopes these wrap up videos will serve as an effective communication tool as the district goes through a possible building project that has so far been community-oriented.

“We’ll let people know where we’re at going forward,” said Froke, “It is going to be a critical part of the process as it relates to the upcoming election.”

But Froke says the school board and school administrators handle such a wide variety of issues at every board meeting and suspects most people do not have any idea how big and impactful some of them are.

“A lot of people don’t know that we actually deal with a $32.4 million budget,” said Froke, “and this is another way to let people in on what’s going on as we head into tax season and budget season.”

Froke is compiling an email list of people wishing to have the wrap up video sent to them every month; to get onto the list email him at

Aside from being linked to the schools’ website at, it can also be accessed by going straight onto YouTube and searching for “Detroit Lakes Public School Board Wrap-Up.”