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Weight loss challenge announces winners

Participants in two weight loss challenge groups won money for losing the highest percentage of body weight.

Donna Miller, a personal wellness coach who runs the Weight Loss Challenges, announced that for this 12-week challenge, over $500 was given back to participants for losing the highest percentage of body weight.  Miller says that everyone who participated in the program is a winner but the cash had to go to the biggest losers. 

Noon group winners are Vicki Alder, first place with 6.73 percent, Esther Bromander, second place with 6.27 percent, and Clare Hendrickx, third place with 5.38 percent.

Losing the most inches was Stephanie Savig.

The 5:30 p.m. group winners are Crystal Smith, first place with 4.52 percent, Sandy G., second place with 4.1 percent, and Autumn Richey, third place with 3.99 percent.

People love the accountability of the weight loss challenge because it helps them to stay on track and have weekly support.

For more information on upcoming weigh loss challenges, call Donna Miller at 218-847-4720.