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Antique Auto Club will gather in DL

The Minnesota Region of the Antique Automobile Club of American is hosting its Annual Fall Foliage Tour Sept. 13-14 and this year it’s being held in Detroit Lakes, hosted by the local 412 Lakes Chapter.

Chapter President Bill Henke is fired up to be hosting this year.

“It originated in our region and it’s a get-together we do each year,” he said. From 50 to 75 participants are expected.

The last time the local 412 lakes chapter hosted the event was in 2008.

The host hotel and registration site is the Holiday Inn; which will also be the starting site of the tours throughout the weekend.

What’s so spectacular about the tour?

“We’re all driving our cars,” said Henke.

These are not any ordinary cars. In fact, this tour is specialized for the members’ antique vehicles, which Henke thinks sets them apart.

“Virtually everybody that comes here is going to have an antique vehicle,” he said, “These are restored vehicles. They’re as close as we can get them to what they looked like when they came out of the factory.”

Henke will be driving either his 1955 Ford Thunderbird or 1949 Ford pickup truck.

The event costs $10 per person and following registration there will be an afternoon tour around the region; in 2008 the group toured around the Vergas area.

During the tours there will be stops along the way at various tourist attractions.

“The places of interest that we stop at there will be an interpretation there,” he said.

On Saturday the group will partake on a daylong expedition where Henke estimates they’ll travel to surrounding communities including Frazee. Lunch will be held at a stop along the way.

Because these are very old automobiles, a support vehicle and trailer will be tagging along for the ride. That way they will be available to assist any driver with car trouble.

Not only will the week-end be packed with touring cars, but evenings will be eventful as well.

On Friday the cars will be available for public viewing after 4 p.m. in the east parking lot at the Holiday Inn.

The cars will also take a short tour Friday around Detroit Lake.

On Friday evening there will be a poolside mixer with an open bar and appetizers.  Friday night the group’s board of directors will also meet.

 On Saturday night will be the Nomination Dinner and Banquet. The leadership for next year will be nominated at the banquet.

Henke is looking forward to this enjoyable weekend spent parading around the area.

“It’ll be fun because when we drive around the countryside everybody kind of stops and waves. They (the cars) get to be real eye catchers,” he said.

Haley Foster | Special to the Record