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Condos proposed for DL beach area

In April, the owners of the Pine to Palm Motel came before the Detroit Lakes City Council and received approval to turn the cabins into condos.

A new corporation is back with a new request — on a much larger scale this time.

Hospitality Minnesota, Inc. is planning to redevelop the properties from 612 to 702 West Lake Drive, which include the Pine to Palm Motel, the Viking Motel and two houses. It is a 2.8-acre piece of land with about 460 feet along West Lake Drive.

“It would be a nice improvement there,” Alderman Ron Zeman said Thursday during a community development committee meeting.

“It would be great to have this project,” Alderman Bruce Imholte agreed.

When the April development was approved, it consisted of turning the 13-unit Pine to Palm Motel into seven year-round condo units. The existing buildings would have stayed as is and inside remodeling would have taken place.

Now though, with the potential new owners and a new plan, the site would be cleared of all existing buildings and a new 18-unit condominium would be built in the space.

Besides cleaning up the nearly three-acre piece of land, it would also drastically reduce the amount of impervious surface.

The Pine to Palm Motel sits at 87 percent impervious surface alone. City ordinance says commercial businesses are allowed up to 35 percent impervious surface.

“They will be cleaning up an area that certainly needs redevelopment,” Community Development Director Larry Remmen said.

There are several conditions linked to the request for the planned unit development, including trying to keep the roof line at 45 feet, and Imholte asked that one could be included regarding requests from individuals.

Rather than having individuals come to the city to request outbuildings, patio slabs or decks, he said they need to go through the condo association for approval instead.

As long as the property is under the 35 percent impervious surface and wouldn’t need any variances, it should be up to the condo association to allow the structures.

He said that would cut down on the requests to the city and any issues with fairness as to what condo unit is allowed to build this and what condo unit is allowed to do that.

The condo association would then have to come to the city to get approval or the required permit, but the city would only deal with the condo association and not each individual condo owner.

The city has dealt with this issue in the past with other planned unit developments and has struggled with requests.

The plan will come before the Detroit Lakes City Council for vote at the regular meeting on Tuesday at 5 pm. in city hall.

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