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St. Mary’s emergency entrance under construction for next two weeks

For the next two weeks, the emergency entrance to Essentia Health St. Mary’s will be under construction and alternate routes will be established to enter the hospital from the employee parking lot.

During construction, from the employee parking lot, employees will enter the hospital via the south door on the ambulance garage. Signs will be posted – to enter the garage, exit the small north door and enter the building through the sliding doors.

Patients walking into the ED will enter the same as employees. Ambulances will enter the garage through the south garage doors. Fences with temporary signage will be installed by the contractor, and security will assist with directing all traffic during this two-week construction period.

There will be no designated “evening or night” shift parking during this time.

Security escorts to cars will be limited, as the security officers will be in the parking lot – directing traffic.

However, they will be able to visualize employees walking to their cars from the parking lot. Employees should alert security if they would like to request this observation.

ED patient parking will also be relocated during construction.