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VIDEO: On the street interview

What has you looking forward to winter this year?

Dean Chadbourne, Detroit Lakes: “I plow snow, so that’s a plus. I like to fish, so that’s a plus. And what do you do without winter in the wintertime? I don’t like the cold real well, but if we get some snow it’s pretty and there’s lots of things to do…the economy is good here in the winter. So, if they don’t like it here, go to Arizona.”

Bob Jermberg, Detroit Lakes: “After Christmas we’ll be heading to South Carolina for three months, so we’ll be just fine. I used to do a lot of ice fishing, cross country skiing, things like that, and snowmobiling.”

Sylvia McCurdy, Detroit Lakes: “As long as it’s not icy or slippery, I don’t mind it. I like the winter sports that my grandkids are in, like basketball and wrestling, and things my grandkids do.”